The Rise of the Epicurean Meme

For me, laughter and humour; especially satire, parody, and well directed lampooning, are the best medicine. A daily dose of a decent meme can work wonders. The term meme was coined in Richard Dawkins' 1976 book The Selfish Gene. Memetics being the study of information and culture based on an analogy with Darwinian evolution. Thus a meme is an element of a culture or system of behaviour passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means. It is a concept rather than a science. Most however, now define meme to be an image with text that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users, often with slight variations.

I do like a good meme. Ones which have me guffawing out loud. A regular evening dose of one of my favourite Facebook pages Classical Art Memes really hits the spot. There are some corkers on there. I thought it would be fun to make my inaugural Blog post simultaneously my first meme creation. So here it is. Paying homage to the great Arcimboldo and those noble vegan types. I might have a go at some more visceral ones soon.