A few things about me. For bio and education please look at the INFO section below.

Angela Jane Swinn
  • I was born in 'Wolves' and raised in Coven

  • I've been creative always. I think anyone can be given half a chance

  • Life in all its natural forms has always fascinated me

  • During my science degree, I spent a lot of time studying piglets in a pigpen

  • During my art degree I spent a lot of time studying creativity in a playpen

  • I feel being at art school, is like being told: 'Here's the world. Where do you want to live?' To begin with, one goes on a quest, tasting and exploring as much, of as much, as one can. Then after a while, one really lives somewhere...

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Angela Jane Swinn (b 1967) is a British fine artist. Born in Wolverhampton and raised in the small village of Coven in rural Staffordshire, England, she read BSc Hons Agricultural Science (Animal Science) at the University of Leeds, and BA Hons Fine Art at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design in London. 

She joined the Department of Critical Fine Art Practice at the iconic Charing Cross Road site of Saint Martins, where students were able to explore multi-media practice with a specific emphasis on critical theory, discourse, process and performance. Her work initially concerned itself with self portrait. Not only in the traditional sense of 2-D media; photography, printmaking, collage, 3-D sculpture and installation, but also in film, video and performance. Her practice journeyed between a cathartic expression of life events, endurance and a desire to restore through play, curiosity and the essence of the artist.

Following two years at Saint Martins, she took time out to become a first time parent. On returning to art school two years later, her work changed alongside her new experience of parenthood; no longer focussing on the self, but on the burgeoning creative essence of the child. For her thesis, In and Out the Playpen: Art as a Transitional Object, she transposed Winnicott's ideas of Transitional Phenomena, and the Transitional Object, to the notion of art practice, art creation, art objects, performative art, the art experience and art appreciation.

Previously at Leeds, her thesis focussed on ethology - the science of animal behaviour, and interactions between stress and immunity in pre and post weaned piglets. Stereotypical behaviour patterns, (repetitive behaviour seen where animals are confined) and ethological tests with endocrinological analysis revealed a correlation between poor health and stress in farrowing pens. Such intensive farming practices are now better regulated to some extent, but there is still much to be done. Outdoor reared free range animals that are provided with shelter and bedding for nests, and sunshades to protect from heat and UV light, are a big improvement. Indoor reared animals need to be given environmental enrichment to permit natural behaviour and allow young to play and exhibit innate curiosity. 

Angela Jane Swinn's work is multifaceted and unpredictable. She draws on her love of Natural History, childhood and play, often juxtaposing the natural and man-made world. She plays in the sense of creative exploration, adventure, spontaneity and imagination, but also in the sense of craft, skill, discipline in learning and embracing errors.